Deliver Digital Transformation

Our mission is to help Industry to achieve better monitoring and experience on its operations—equipments, buildings, fleets, and resources in cutting-edge solutions.

Our Transformation Services

We deliver solutions that enable organizations and factories to transform its operations to dive in Industry 4.0.

Data & Analytics

Build operating data analysis by combining data from multiple sources, creating unified sets into consumable information.


Deliver analysis, develop, to deployed AI/ML solutions in the various business process environments.

UI/UX Visualization

We deliver seamless User Experience dynamically transformed by modernized User Interface to presenting the data.

Cloud & Edge

Build and run applications and services elastically to near to source and ensure them deliver quick response when operate.

API Solutions

Increase end-to-end capabilities by allowing everyone to connect to, transform, and understand your data.

Industrial Apps

Help organizations develop & integrate their custom-built applications for shop-floor and operations needs.

What We Focus on

Transformation values

Built for Resilience

Helps you take the right actions for your critical operations, scale the experience to understand data quickly by an exceptional interface at the same time ensure they stay connected with the right sources and achieve their best performance without being cluttered.

Data that Empower Everyone

Empower people to transform work easier by creating dynamic workflows that allow everyone to work on actual data together, transform routine tasks with automation, and collect the relevant field data for services optimization.

Right at the Edge

Helps you maintain the assets and extend efficiency using near-to/real-time monitoring and diagnostics, streaming analytics, and bringing operations optimization to your sight, even from a hidden area.

Our Transformation Solutions

Bring the ability to reach the next level industry


Asset Management

Monitor your assets seamlessly within a specified timeframe during operations, track location, and implement preventive maintenance while ensuring it delivers better outcomes.

Equipment Monitoring
Location Tracking
Preventive Maintenance
Report Management

Fleet Management

Track your fleet and monitor the Hour of Service. Optimize work orders and load, identify issues during trips, and know the operating habits to drive efficiency.

Fleet Tracking
Load Tracking
Driver & HOS

Building Compliance Management

With changing regulations, keeping your building compliant can be a challenge. Built new experience, report-focusing, and make it easy to manage compliance efficiently throughout your building.

Compliance Management
Compliance Optimization
Industries We Serves

We deliver solutions across this sectors

Oil & Gas
Energy & Grid
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